I’ve always loved clothes. As a young girl growing up in the Philippines, I was lucky enough to have well-crafted pieces that I could often reinvent and re-imagine. My clothes were usually made by my aunt or mother and handed down with love from one girl in the family to another. I could wear them to play or on a stylish Sunday drive with my dad, who passed down his innate love of fashion to me.

These memories are the inspiration for Dapper + Crown. We make classic clothes for children that they can wear every day. Everything is dashing and unique as well as comfortable and durable. Our clothes are timeless in design and ageless in quality.
We are a family owned brand and both our family and our company care about supporting local manufacturing, therefore all of our clothes are made right here in Los Angeles. This also affords us to be intimately involved in the entire creative process. We get to see our designs from beginning to end—and make sure every stitch is in place for you and the children you adore.

You will love our clothes as much as we do—for years to come!

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